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CGC Celing Systems

CGC Inc. Ceiling Systems with an unparalleled variety of choices, no matter what your ceiling needs. 
-Acoustical Panels light reflectance, sound control, durability to aesthetics. -Specialty Ceilings-For higher end design projects, our of specialty ceiling options will help even your most complex designs.
-Acoustical Suspension Systems economical, flexible, aesthetically pleasing or anywhere in between.  
-Integrated Systems turning your ceiling's lighting, air vents and other utilities into a seamless design.  
-Drywall Suspension Systems design flexibility and structural stability will allow you to mold your ceiling project as you see fit.

CGC Ceiling Systems
CGC Levelrock

CGC Inc. LEVEROCK Self Levellers next generation technology brings an environmentally sustainable self-levelling underlayment. 
-LEVELROCK fast applying gypsum concrete, engineered cements and flooring systems have industries highest compressive strengths with exceptional acoustical performance. 
-Durock products are a cementitious based which are versatile with superior performance characteristics.

CGC Levelrock
Corsella Dorken Delta

Delta/Cosella-Dörken delivers innovative quality branded products with educational programs and proactive marketing to the construction industry.
- DELTA Roof Underlayments under asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, clay tiles, slate, or metal cladding.
- DELTA Systems for Below Grade Moisture Protection, tested and proven for Drainage, Dampproofing and Wall Waterproofing.
- DELTA Air and Water-Resistive Barriers essential parts of moisture management vapor permeability and water penetration resistance.
- DELTA Rainscreen Systems with built-in drainage and ventilation layers provide reliable protection from moisture build-up.
- DELTA Garden Room Systems (along with other horizontal applications) offer premium solutions for the highest level of water retention and effective drainage of surplus water.

Corsella Dorken Delta
Kingspan Panels

Kingspan Insulated Wall Panels - SingleComponent - factory assembled architectural insulated metal panel. 
-High performance sustainable building envelope.
-Superior levels of thermal (R-value) and air tightness performance 
-Design Flexibility - multiple applications and design opportunities, accessories, trims, modules, etc.
-Aesthetics - profiles, finishes, and colors.

Kingspan Panels

Xypex Chemical Corporation - proprietary crystalline waterproofing products, by means of diffusion Xypex uses water as a migrating medium that fill capillaries of concrete. Chemical reaction from the Xypex, moisture and by-products of cement hydration forming a new non-soluble crystalline structure rendering concrete waterproof.
- Surface applied and Integral applications.
- Thousands of applications, foundations, wastewater treatment & water treatment plants, tunnels, bridges, marine.
- Distributors Distributors in more than one hundred countries. structures, precast & industrial structures, power & utilities. Bird Stairs distributor in Atlantic Canada.
- Trained Applicators throughout the region.

Truefoam logo

Truefoam Ltd. celebrating over 50 years of manufacturing of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in Atlantic Canada. Supplying insulation products for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
-Roofing-Trueroof, Truetapered, 
-Exterior Walls Board stock, Truefold, Foundation Plus, TF300 
-Foundations/Slabs -TF 500, Tf300, Foundation Plus, Geofoam 
-Other Applications - Buoyancy/flotation and special cuts. With plants in Dartmouth NS, Fredericton NB and Bishop Falls NL, ideally positioned to provide quality and service. 

truefoam sample
CPI logo

CPI Kingspan Light + Air ,- formerly known as CPI Daylighting, is an award-winning innovator of translucent daylighting solutions. CPI design and manufacture a wide variety of products.
-Full building facades
-Monumental skylights
-Pre-engineered canopies and unit skylights
-CPI collaborates with architects to ensure our products are used in a way that will not only enhance their overall design, but also optimize building performance 

CPI sample

Acrytec Panel Industries Acry NC panel is a glass fiber reinforced concrete non-combustible panel. -Finishes come in a wide variety of standard textures and colours. 
-Customizable textures and colours available.
-Manufactured in Acrytec’s Ontario facility.
-Applications from complete cladding of industrial and commercial projects to small residential accent areas.
-Pre-finished corner details available, as well as modular sized panels that may be cleanly cut on site using standard power tools.

glassopolis logo

Glassopolis offers a full range of specialty glass products including; 
-Fire-Rated Glass to prevent spread of fire in locations as per the applicable Building Code. 
-Security Glass fire, x-ray, heat, radiation, EMF, impact, bullet, blast, and hurricane. 
-Lead X-Ray Glass for hospitals, medical offices, and research labs. Scanning in airports and similar applications. 
-Switchable Privacy Glass converts clear to frost at the flip of a switch. It is essential anywhere glass is used and privacy is required. 
-Advanced Materials Glass with thermal and chemical resistance, Ceramic with zero thermal expansion, Anti-Reflective and Transformation Mirror.

glassopolis sample

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